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Specification:WE SELL SEED Jabon Jabon SUPERIOR AND COMPETITIVE PRICE: One of the keys to success Jabon timber planting process starts from the knowledge of good seed selection jabon. With seed jabon is good, then the greater the expected profit kemungkinanannya to grab. Also important to recognize however, that the seed is only one factor of success planting Jabon but not the only determining factor.

Therefore, good seed can not necessarily produce a great harvest of timber Jabon anyway. However, by choosing the right seed jabon expected to minimize the risks that might occur during the time of planting to harvesting.

The initial steps that can be done in selecting seed Jabon is to know that there are different varieties of plants Jabon. During this time, seedlings Jabon divided into two types, namely Jabon Jabon Red and white. Difference both physically visible from the color of the top leaves.

To Jabon red, red leaf buds. While on Jabon green leaves and white buds. Another difference of these two species are found on the color of the wood sticks. To jabon red colored wooden rods slightly browned so that more materials are used for home boards. While on jabon white, more white sticks.

From both these types, there are no other differences specifically. Only, based on observations from farmers Jabon, White considered the type Jabon grow faster and bigger than the red Jabon. But physically and chemically, both types are not terlalalu have a very noticeable difference.

With this condition, Jabon For prospective farmers would not need too much question about the type of seeds existing Jabon. Both red and white jabon, basically have the same quality. The most important thing is to care during planting can produce quality wood Jabon.

In seedlings memiliih Jabon, there are several things that must be considered by the farmers. Some of these include:

Compactness Media

Compactness condition of the media covering the stem, which for good seed rods should be in intact condition. No part of visible cracks, because if the crack will easily affected by the disease.


High ideally good seed is 30-60 cm. This is the ideal high seed. Do not be easily fooled when a seed merchant that offers a higher seed with the promise of faster harvest time. Therefore, the seedlings much higher than the ideal height, usually have strong roots that have penetrated the poly bag and place temporary seed. Impact if using seeds like these are plant stress will be transferred. Whereas, the roots that have penetrated the poly bag, will go into the land that will be automatically disconnected when removed.


A healthy seedling diameter generally ranges from 5-8 mm. This is normal for the size of the seed diameter. If there are seeds that measuring less than 5 mm, then the seeds can be classified into two classes of seeds.

Value Solidity of seedlings

Value robustness jabon seed to seed seed classes are categorized on the numbers 50-90.

Leaf color

A good and healthy seedlings will have green leaves and bright. Only the red Jabon, at the end there will Dauh distinguishing red with white Jabon.

Similarly, a few tips from us in selecting seed jabon

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